Mature Dating in Conceicao Do Rio Verde

All collection sites visited during this period were geo-referenced. A taxonomic revision of the monophyletic vataireoid genus Luetzelburgia Fabaceae, Papilionoideae is presented, including comments on the biogeography, phylogeny and morphological evolution derived from a combined phylogenetic analysis of morphology and seven DNA regions. The genus is characterized by the unique combination of crimped petals, sericeous on outer surface and biauriculate at the base, oblong to obovate standard petal, lateral and abaxial petals undifferentiated in shape, nearly free filaments and a samara with an indistinct endocarp, usually bearing a small wing on each side of the seed chamber. Luetzelburgia spp. Our revision involved the examination of about specimens from 56 herbaria. Species circumscription in Luetzelburgia has been a source of confusion because of the difficulty of finding complete herbarium material. All but one species was studied in the field and our extensive field work was critical for arriving at species circumscriptions that relied in large part on floral morphologies.

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Mature Dating in Conceicao Do Rio Verde
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