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This organization commits itself to highlighting Black Excellence. The platform further aided in the destruction of stereotypes while educating within and outside communities that the Black community has more to offer to the world than merely sports and entertainment. There are few things better than feeding your spirit! Great Back Speakers has the perfect recipe for a hearty helping of five soulful Black Christian Women who are sure to inspire and educate you. Mia K. Wright is a dynamic speaker. She is a pastor and director at the Texas Foundation of Praise. Her non-profit organization, Metamorphosis, mentors young girls, further demonstrating her love of social entrepreneurship. She touches lives across the country and is an uplifting speaker. Melanie Bonita is a mother, best-selling author, faith coach, and so much more.

But there are also countless women beyond the headlines doing the work every day without any of the fanfare. She founded Black Girls Code in to expose girls of color ages 7 to 17 to STEM disciplines and give them opportunities to learn technology and coding skills at workshops and after-school programs. At the forefront of the Black Travel Movement, this creator of digital publishing brand Travel Noire wanted to make international jetsetting more relatable and accessible to people of color and to engage a community of black travelers who helped each other with tips, tools, and the discovery of new destinations. The award-winning Nigerian author is changing the conversation about feminism, especially as it relates to African women. Standing on the shoulders of a long line of resourceful and resilient black women. This historian is making sure that blacks in America always have access to the rich stories of both well-known and unsung members of our community. Purpose is a common denominator across the black women on our list. And she started the hashtag GirlsLikeUs to foster a sense of community online for trans women. Like Burke, so many of them saw what was lacking in their communities or vowed to give black girls the precious resources that would have made a difference for them growing up and stepped up to fill the void. The actress, producer, and screenwriter made history last year as the first black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing for her work on Master of Nonefor an episode based on her own experience coming out as a lesbian.

And now they are using their success to raise their visibility, share their experiences and inspire more black women to take up the challenges of leadership. We want to recognize and celebrate the amazing black women whose presentations we have had the pleasure of hearing. In the meantime, we encourage you to peruse the initial list of 28 women, follow them on social media, visit their online profiles, and get to know them. This trend is particularly evident in the creation of new businesses: We have seen this trend in our own activities: Equally impressive to the growing quantity of businesses owned by Black women, is the exceptionally high quality of these events and the presenters they attract. Black women face well-documented adversities, ranging from socio-economic hurdles to unconscious bias and discrimination. Black women are beginning to emerge as leaders across all industries, academia, government and non-profit organizations. To this end, we list below 28 Black women we have heard at these six recent events: If you are a leader who cares about diversity and inclusion, you can find dozens of similar events each year in virtually any urban area.

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Specializing in financial psychol Award-winning teenage entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, jewelry designer, youth mentor and philant Hill is the author of three New York Times bestsell Great Black Speakers was founded in January by Lawrence Watkins, a 28 year old, successful entrepreneur. Ginger Pinholster recommended two women in science. Sunday, February 7, Today's top black women speakers: Last year, another speaker coach asked me to help find video examples of today's top women speakersbecause he was having trouble finding examples to share with trainees that were of current, rather than historic women speakers. This year, for Black History Month, I asked readers on Facebook and Twitter to help me crowd-source a list of today's top black women speakers, to give us current role models and examples. Check out these posts on how Angelou uses hope and humor on the college lecture circuit to customize her speeches, and on an hour-long interview she did about her inspirational book for women, Letter to My Daughter.

Sprakers Black Women
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